Moving Forward With Minneapolis – Ethical Use of Force and Tactics – June 17, 2020

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 – 7:30am – 12:00pm PT
Given the recent public protests and community concern regarding police use of force in both the United States as well as Canada, we are writing to advise you of an interactive training opportunity for your agency, as well as a forum to discuss solutions and changes that need to take place with regard to use of force training for law enforcement. The tragic situation with George Floyd was entirely preventable, and will likely be repeated if there are no structural changes inside police agencies, especially in the area of use of force training.
While media has devoted and focused much attention on the protests around Mr. Floyd’s death and racial disparity issues, there has yet to be an honest and open discussion on the role of police use of force, the state of training for use of force, the role of agency management, and how preventable this entire incident was.
This interactive panel forum onJune 17th from 730am-1200 pm PT will be hosted by top police subject matter experts with international experience in training police use of force. This 4.5 hour training session is organized by Safer Schools Together (, the charitable organization Odd Squad Productions (, and the not for profit Law Enforcement Training Association ( Veteran news reporter John Daly is the panel moderator for each of the five guest presenters in this online seminar. Select clips from the Odd Squad/Canadian Police Association documentary “Understanding Police Use of Force” documentary (two years in the making) will be previewed.
Using force is a multi-layered complex issue, but one that has some basic learning lessons for police agencies, that – if not heeded – will inevitably result in more of these tragic and cataclysmic incidents unfolding for police officers and the communities they interact with. This panel will attempt to provide solutions and will also highlight some of the innovative and ethical physical control training that has been developed for police. We are also striving to provide solutions for change in how agencies approach training for their officers. This is not a top-down exercise, rather a street-level, ground-up approach, partnered with research and embedded with expertise. This presentation series is an opportunity to shine a light on the problem with a reasoned discussion that is not dominated by emotive responses and superficial social media perspectives.
We hope your agency will have representatives able to join us for this innovative, first-of-a-kind interactive training seminar, where we can help collaboratively discuss the use of force issues and work toward solutions that help strengthen the foundation and renewed community support of policing.
Registration can be either by individual or law enforcement agency (group) at this link:

Board of Directors, 
Law Enforcement Training Association (LETA) 

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