A few of the LETA Instructors & Directors:

The Law Enforcement Training Association (LETA) is a registered not for profit agency dedicated to helping develop training for law enforcement. LETA is governed by a Board of Directors and oversees all Police Judo training programs.

LETA has a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts in law enforcement training and can align our training to suit individual or agency needs. Our physical skills training is based on a Police Judo training foundation. Below are profiled a few of the Police Judo Instructors (we now have graded over 40 Police Judo students to black belts in Police Judo). We have many additional assistant instructors and instructors.


Retired VPD Constable/Police Judo Co-Founder

Al Arsenault began his study of the martial arts long before his exemplary and highly-decorated police career of 27 years.  Al was dedicated to street-level policing, half of which was served as a beat officer in the DTES.  In addition to a self-taught expert in non-firearm street weapons, Al is an accomplished martial artist who holds instructor ranks in Okinawan Karate-do, Sanshou Dao,  Judo, and Police Judo.  Al is a Co-Creator of Odd Squad, International Wushu Sanshou Dao, and Police Judo.  He also developed and taught 3 levels of Applied Policing in the Law Enforcement Studies Diploma (LESD) program and was a contract Control Tactics Instructor with the JIBC Police Academy.  In 2003, Al co-authored an internationally published martial arts book, Chin Na in Ground Fighting. His current book is due for release in early 2020: Comprehensive Joint Locking Techniques for Law Enforcement (to be followed by Essential Joint Locking Techniques for Law Enforcement).  He has taught tactical communications and control tactics to Parks Canada wardens nationally and has also lectured internationally on drug abuse. Al has helped provide additional international clinics in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.


VPD Police Judo Co-Founder, Vancouver Police Judo Head Instructor

Brian is the head instructor for the VPD Police Judo Club at the Tactical Training Center.  Ret. Insp. Tim Laidler and Brian Shipper created the VPD Judo program over 25 years ago.  Brian is now the first contract Judo instructor hired by a police agency in Canada, and he oversees all the night Police Judo training for the VPD.  He also manages VPD Police Judo training sessions for the VPD, Ethnic Diversity, LESD, International police university students, VPD Cadets, Ray Cam Police Athletic League Judo, Police Judo Food Drives , and more.  Brian has studied martial arts for 50 years.  His original instructor, Sensei Tamoto (from the original Vancouver Police Judo Club) was awarded his black belt by Judo’s founder, professor Jigoro Kano.


Ret. Sgt. VPD – Police Judo Co-Founder

Recently retired after a 30-year policing career with the VPD, Toby now works as Executive Director of Odd Squad Productions (1997), a charitable organization dedicated to educating youth on risky behavior (www.oddsquad.com). From 2013 to 2020 Ret. Sgt. Hinton worked in the Officer Safety and Tactics Training Team for the VPD. Prior to this, he was a beat officer (later beat Sergeant) during the 24 years he spent working the street in Vancouver’s Downtown.  Sgt. Hinton is a Co-Creator of Odd Squad and Police Judo and is the head instructor and founder of the Simon Fraser University Police Judo Club (2010).    Sgt. Hinton has numerous commendations and has presented on Police Judo concepts at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conferences (San Diego/Florida), ILEETA Conferences, and helped provide additional international clinics in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Ret. VPD Sergeant and Police Judo Co-Founder

Recently retired Sgt. Steinkampf’s career includes more than 15 years walking the beat in Vancouver’s drug-addled Downtown Eastside, working five years in the VPD Emergency Response Team, and in other operational aspects of policing.  He has earned 13 commendations in policing, including the Lieutenant Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal, Lieutenant Governor General’s medal for Valour, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for Meritorious Service, and the Governor General of Canada’s Meritorious Service Medal.  He has trained in Tae Kwon Do, Gojo Ryu Karate, and is a certified black belt instructor in Police Judo. Mark is currently the Head Instructor for Police Judo at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.  He is one of the founding members of both Police Judo and Odd Squad Productions. He has lectured on substance abuse issues throughout BC, Canada, elsewhere in the world.


Special Constable, Head Instructor for SFU Police Judo Club

Chin-I has been a Special Municipal Constable with the Vancouver City Police Department Jail since 2006.  She is a trainer for new Special Municipal Constables and Assistant Force Options Instructor for the VPD Force Options Unit.  Chin-I is the co-founder and the Head Instructor for the SFU Police Judo Junior program as well as the SFU Police Judo adult training program.  She has been involved in planning the training agenda for SFU Police Judo, SFU Youth Judo Summer Camp, Police Judo Scotland Tour (2017), Korea and Taiwan (2018), Japan (2019) as well as the annual Police Judo volunteer outreach programs in the northern Baja in Mexico since 2016.  Chin-I coaches and manages a small group of competitive judoka from Police Judo Juniors and is continually updating her coaching expertise by attending workshops, training clinics and competitions in Canada, US, and internationally.


S/Sgt BC Sheriffs / Kamloops Police Judo

Brad is a 15-year member with the B.C Sheriff Service. Before his career as a Sheriff he was an R.C.M.P Auxiliary constable. Brad has been an Acting Sergeant for most of his career. He has been involved with performing background investigations for new hires, completed the Traffic safety enforcement pilot project, and is a Special Provincial Constable for high security Escorts.

Brad was given the honour of starting the First Police Judo Club (Kamloops) outside the Lower Mainland after being promoted to a Police Judo Black Belt Instructor. Since that time Brad has incorporated Police Judo training for Bylaw Officers in Kamloops, First Nations groups, as well as maintaining an ongoing Police Judo Training Program through Aberdeen Police Academy.

Ray Bergen

Ray obtained his B.Sc. in mathematics from the University of Victoria and an Engineering Diploma from the Royal Canadian Technical School.  Although he was never involved in law enforcement, he was a member of the Royal Canadian Navy (1959 – 1969).  He served as an Engineering Petty Officer and ships diver aboard the H.M.S.C Stettler. This was followed by two years at the Royal Canadian Navy Preparatory School in CFB Esquimalt. After that, he attended the University of Victoria until his graduation in 1969. His highly-successful business career with I.B.M. as a marketing representative and project manager ended when he began a career in real estate in 1976.  Amongst other activities, Ray subsequently formed the highly successful companies Canreal Management Corporation and Bergen Properties Ltd., both of which are active today.  

Ray Bergen began his association with LETA and Odd Squad Productions in 2017. Ray values the spirit of volunteerism embodied by both OSP and Police Judo, hence his solid financial and practical support of these organizations.  Ray assists the Law Enforcement Training Association by providing business oversight and managment. His work ethic and philanthropy to a wide variety of causes are inspirational.

Net proceeds of any training contracts through the not for profit Law Enforcement Training Association are applied to developing additional police judo programs for youth and law enforcement.