Canadian Training with LETA

The Law Enforcement Training Association (LETA) is a not-for-profit agency which oversees the Police Judo recreational programs and is closely associated with Odd Squad Productions (OSPS). The same principals (largely consisting of serving and retired police officers) are involved in both organizations . These LETA instructors possess decades of experience on the front lines of street crime and drug enforcement in downtown Vancouver. Their practical street knowledge about use of force is being passed down through Police Judo. Besides teaching law enforcement officers in their tactical Police Judo stream, they also use their recreational martial arts activities to teach civilians.  Officers can learn highly-practical and effective control and arrest tactics in an ethical manner; youth can use physical skill literacy to develop resiliency skills needed to divert them from the dangers of drugs and organized crime.

Our Law Enforcement Training Association subject matter experts offer cutting-edge instruction for those working in the Criminal Justice system.  We ‘train the trainers’ in the Police Judo system of using force in an ethical manner, as well as offer a wide variety of police-related educational courses and certifications to suit the needs of our progressive-minded clients.  We offer clinics in the following subjects (and more):

  • Tactical Communications
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Dealing with Emotionally Disturbed People
  • Dealing with People in Crisis
  • Force Options Theory
  • Situational Awareness
  • Contact and Cover
  • Tactical Encroachment
  • Concepts of Effective Joint Locking
  • ‘Go-To’ Locks: Twist Lock and Standing Arm Lock
  • Joint Lock Transitions
  • Come-along Holds
  • Biomechanics of Control Techniques
  • Continuous Control
  • Low-risk, High-yield Takedowns
  • Subject Gripping
  • Distraction Techniques
  • Dealing with Resistive and Assaultive Behaviours
  • Dealing with Multiple Assailants
  • Dealing with Deadly Threats
  • Kicking and Striking Techniques
  • Ground Fighting and Hold-downs
  • Rollovers and Resistance Breaking
  • Handcuffing and Searching
  • Pressure Point Tactics
  • Neck Restraints
  • Police Weapons Use
  • Prohibited, Concealed, and Street Weapons
  • Tactical Repositioning
  • Positional Asphyxia
  • Prisoner Transport
  • Team Tactics
  • Vehicle and Cell Extractions 
  • Reality-based Training
  • Common Use-of-Force Failures
  • Use-of-Force Video Reviews
  • Use-of-Force Articulation
  • Terrorism Recognition
  • Major Crime Scene Management
  • Effective Note-taking and Report Writing
  • Expert Testimony Development
  • Beat Walking Concepts
  • Overdose Care (Naloxone Training)
  • Gangs and Guns
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • NCCP Coaching
  • Professionalism and Ethics

We offer training for First Responders (police, fire, ambulance) as well as to a variety of security personnel and loss prevention officers, and any employees who face potential assailants as health professionals (triage doctors, nurses). Workers who come into contact with unstable and sometimes violent individuals, such as those who work in the fields of mental health and social work, the transportation industry (airline personnel, bus drivers, taxi drivers), and others, benefit from our training. 

Note: These courses (and more) are tailored to your specific needs, so they are variable in length (hours, days, weeks) and are flexible in content.  For example, handcuffing and searching could be only a few hours while Tac Com could run 2-4 days.  Instructor certifications could take weeks. An ideal teacher-to-student ratio is 6- or 8-to-one for a gym setting (to a maximum of 60 students).  The number of available instructors will limit the class size.  Tac Com is mostly a classroom setting and only requires a single instructor, unless reality-based scenarios are included.  Our role players have been trained in a wide variety of scenarios and in Police Judo techniques for maximal safety. Mobile training teams are available upon special request.

Net proceeds of any training contracts through the not for profit Law Enforcement Training Association are applied to developing additional police judo programs for youth and law enforcement.